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obin S, born and raised in Queens, New York, began singing at the age of five in a church choir. Blessed with perfect pitch and a genuine talent to entertain, she took up vocal training at the age of eight under the direction of the legendary Brook Alexander. Alexander, who also instructed Melba Moore, “made learning easy. His style taught me how to create different sounds by using my facial expressions and tones. It enabled me to obtain the skills to become a performer.” At the age of fifteen, Robin went to join both jazz and cover bands in the New York metropolitan area, performing at dinner clubs, lounges, and other venues. During her tenure as a member of the band “Top Shelf” she met Allen George and Fred MacFarlane, of Homeboy Recording Studios. Fred, a seasoned musician who played keyboards on several of Madonna’s early releases, and Allen immediately realized that they found the perfect accent to their music and began laying demo tracks for Robin’s vocals. “Show Me Love,” Robin’s first gold single, introduced her as one of the premier vocalists of the early 1990’s. Her first release was in 1990 under Robin Stone (that’s what the “s” stands for).The chart-topping single, punctuated with energetic remixes from Stonebridge Productions of Sweden, originally gained popularity in Europe on Champion Records only in 1993. The success of the record caught the eyes of executives at Big Beat Records and Robin S was on her way to fulfilling her dreams. Robin’s debut album on Big Beat/Atlantic Records, Show Me Love immediately broadened her fan base. The diverse sounds of the record, which changes between beautiful lush ballads and bold toe-tapping rhythms, were created by a variety of producers, including Junior Vasquez, Nick Martinelli, and David Morales. “Love For Love,” another chart-topping track from Robin’s debut is a fiercely hypnotic track filled with syncopated beats, added her to the elite list of dance diva. “I don’t mind being called a diva one bit. There are some great divas in the world like Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle and if I am going to be considered a diva like they are…GREAT!” And Robin’s efforts paid off. In 1993, Robin was named “Best Dance Artist” at the Billboard Awards and “Show Me Love” received the award for “Best Dance Single.” Robin also earned the award for “Best Dance Artist” at the industry’s annual Winter Dance Music Conference. Robin’s live performance background on the stages of New York continues to work its magic and show off Robin’s diversity. She finds no trouble engaging her audience. “When I do a show, I want people to feel as if they are an intricate part of my performance. I often bring individuals on stage to dance with me. But I don’t choose the ones who are already clapping and mouthing the lyrics! They are the happy customers! I pick the people who are silent… ones that are expressionless. They are the people I am trying to reach.” Robin’s performances have been seen by fans all over the world, having performed in Holland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey, just to name a few. In addition to her many club shows in the United States, Robin has also appeared on numerous television programs including “Showtime at the Apollo,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “The Maury Povich Show,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” The Disney Channel, VH1’s “White Nights” AIDS Special, MTV’s “Lip Service,” and many others. The Second Album In the years since turning worldwide dance floors and pop radio airwaves upside down with the massive smash "Show Me Love," Robin has travelled an enlightening journey toward heightened self-awareness and creative maturity. After working on her song writing for several years, she began recruiting a sterling array of producers and tunesmiths that includes Bryce Wilson, Tony Moran, Wayne Cohen and Shepard Solomon, King Britt and John Wicks, Eric "E-Smoove" Miller, Darrin Whittington, and Steve Dubin who guided Robin on her hotly anticipated second album, From Now On (Big Beat/Atlantic, 1997). "I feel as if I'm soaring on these songs," the singer says with pride. She is inspired to take flight by a deftly mined musical environment that transcends the traditional boundaries of dance music. From Now On succeeds in delivering the credible grooves of underground club culture, while also showcasing fine live musicians, who bring soulful warmth to every one of the album's songs. "There is no match for the experience of singing with a band. It's nourishment of every singer. After all, you can't feel the funk of a computer-generated guitar." It was venerable songwriter Michael O'Hara --- acclaimed for his highly successful collaborations with Anita Baker, among others --- who first helped Robin find the confidence to begin sharing her insightful words and infectious melodies. "He was the first writer to take me seriously," she says. "He took me under his wing and shared his magic with me." The two crafted "Shine On Me," a storming house music anthem that is the centrepiece composition of the album. "That first song I recorded for the new album was about as painful as giving birth," Robin says with a laugh. "But it has been just as joyous. Michael and I have written so many songs together since then. He brings out the best in me." The world's first taste of From Now On was via the premiere single, a sassy rendition of Alton McClain & Destiny's famed 1980 chestnut "It Must Be Love." The track was produced by Groove Theory's Bryce Wilson, who earned platinum marks at the helm of the Toni Braxton smash "Your Love Is Making Me High." Robin brilliantly approaches "It Must Be Love," which places her in an arrangement featuring a tight funk groove and an elaborate orchestra. “This song is beautiful in that it captures the spirit of an era that I love. I gave myself to that energy and that allowed me to really dig into the song, have a lot of fun with it, and make it my own. And the story keeps on Showing Us Love... And looking to the future is what is most important to the Atlanta-based singer these days. It's a change in perspective from the days when she first found herself inside a studio, belting out what would become the hits "Show Me Love" and "Love 4 Love." "I was simply happy for the chance to sing --- and I still am," she says. "But there's a difference now. I now look at myself as a messenger of hope... of love... and as a messenger of the fact that perseverance and faith will win out in the end. With that kind of focus and goal, you can bet that I'm not going anywhere. I've got work to do... and it will get done." After her second album single release ("Midnight"), Robin S had only re-released her previous hits and contributed to some O.S:T. such as "Dr. Doolittle", "Space Jam" and "Welcome to Woop Woop". However, her success is still amazing, as she in 2004 has made her European Tour, soon after the re-release of her first album, and also took part on the plat When a Man Cries, by JD Lawrence. Now Robin S has been performing on many Shows and 90’s Parties worldwide.
Robin S