"12" was the age where I realized that I no longer listen to music alone was enough
"14" the number was called after which the guitar hardcore band "TOUCHDOWN" was not long in coming.
"1993" was the name of "TECHNO" whose sound I heard in the club paper mill and inevitably led to me from there to prescribe only from the.
"1210" was the number of two turntables which should be my first. Similarly a two Channel Mixer. From its beginnings it was clear… this is my world.
Regular intervals basses, rattled 4/4tel as nonconformist euphoric wave impulsive sounds voted not just frenetic. Dribbling up close to 95 DB the air was boiling... //The hips in diabolical way flow electrified close to him ... Excessively was the notion dehydrate the wet sweaty body by almost let / / A new love was in the third Generation born.
The Vinyls sliding as…
Girls in love such as light around the turntables. Should be the number of names on which they made repeatedly for excitement, heat and confusion....
Stattbad Berlin-Wedding, Paradoxxx (Hummendorf), K2 (Kronach), potash (Marktredwitz), Halifax, U-boat (Bayreuth), Paper Mill (Stadtsteinach), 1210 (Hirschhaid), Crystal Festival (East), the Winter Palace (Ruppert Green), rave revolution, groove Now, Love Parade Afterhour (rest stop on the A9), X-Club (Oberweisenbach East), Execout (Suhl), Muna (East), XS-Club (Fürth), Z-Bau (NBG), Loom Lounge (Coburg), G1 (Coburg), summer Sun-Sound (NBG) Lissard Lounge , Hirsch ( Nbg ) , Rakete ( Nbg ) ... It should not stop impressions of love, freedom and naturalness to incorporate in the world.
Andreas Krämer, Monika Kruse, Tom Novy, Massimo, Mike S., Westbam,Talla 2XLC,Taucher, Jeff Mills, Pascal FEOS, Tanith, Marco Zafferano, Maruha, Ziel 100, Tomcraft, Cosmic Baby, Mad Max, Reiner Meskalin, some of those who could assist me with fat beats and sounds, know and well-known organizer of electronic music appreciate.